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Band knife machine Rexel R1000 it’s easy to use and highly productive equipment. It has high precision cutting of textile materials (cotton, knitted fabrics, synthetic fabrics, insulation, etc.). Multiple layers of fabric can be cut by Rexel R1000 (thickness up to 200 mm, some insulation up to 300 mm). Maximum and minimum thickness depends on type of the material.
Band knife machine can be used as a standalone workstation or with a cutting table Rexel SK-3.
Band knife machine Rexel R1000 is very easy to operate and is equipped with a grinding device, which provides high quality sharpening with minimal wear of band knife.
Variable speed control allows you to set any appropriate speed for all types of materials. Rexel R1000 is equipped with the special detector (responsible for the work of band knife blade) and the band knife security system (protects band knife blade from escape from the course). Machine is equipped with a lamp with separate switch. Also it is equipped with a mechanical tape catcher. Thank to this solution working with band knife machine become to be safer.
The blowing from table top makes the airspace under cutting fabric what facilitates the maneuvering of it.
Air channels are supply the air flow only to the part where the material situated. It helps to avoid getting
dust and scraps of material in air channels.
The equipment includes:
- Air blowing table top;
- Variable speed control;
- Band knife security system;
- The lamp;
- Grinding device;
- Additional option: Vacuum cleaner.


Cutting capacity:      maximum 300 mm
Table size:              1800 x 1800 mm
Power supply:          400 V/ 50 Hz
Band length:           4250 mm 12 mm x 0,45 mm
Arm length:            1000 mm
Wattage:               1.5 kW